2012-04-23: When rentals become available at Noon (12:00 server time) tomorrow, Silver and Gold Members will be able to rent them from 12:00-14:00 Server Time, After that time anyone will be able to if there are still rentals available.

2012-04-22: Some users are reporting blocks showing being paid less than .075. We have confirmed no blocks have actually paid less than .075 (in the database that updates your account balance we have confirmed they are not paying less so if you were to check your account balance it would show correctly). However on the page which shows your block ID's they may appear incorrectly, we are working on fixing this and apologize for any confusion.

2012-04-19: Withdrawals are still slightly behind due to funding issues, we hope this is resolved in the next 2 days and will payout delayed withdrawal requests ASAP. Again we apologize for this inconvenience.

2012-04-18: The Paypal issues is causing 99% of people to withdrawal to Alertpay. This obviously causes issues lopsiding funds. While we knew this may happen if the Paypal issue took longer than anticipated, we are still waiting for our deposits to be added to our Alertpay account to process some of the delayed Withdrawal Requests. Due to this Referral Rentals will NOT payout tonight. We apologize for this.

2012-04-14: We are still working on getting the Paypal issue resolved. It is taking longer than expected but we hope to have it back sometime later this week.

2012-04-12: Commissions received from Rented Referral Purchases have been reduced by .15 per level (.35/.10 direct and sub referral), this will allow us to pay out more per block of rented referrals

2012-04-12: There is an ever increasing number of reports of accounts being stolen due to phishing emails and lax in users email account security. In no circumstances are we responsible for your lax in security with your email account or MBC account. Remember. DO NOT use simple passwords for your email account, DO NOT click any link in any email claiming to be from MyBrowserCash. Generally we do NOT send out emails asking you to click any link unless in regards to verifications (Verifying your email, verifying a withdrawal, etc. We will NEVER email you asking for a password. Before you login or enter any usernames or passwords be sure you are visiting https://members.mybrowsercash.com and not some other domain.

2012-04-12: Alertpay payments are now being processed.

2012-04-09: There was an issue running the Position payouts for 2012-04-08 for non Gold Members. After looking into the issue we won't be able to rerun the job for 2012-04-08 to add these. We apologize for this, but please remember you get paid 75 times, so you don't lose money when there is an issue such as this, you just get paid at a later date. We've also made sure the payout stays the same as yesterday.

2012-04-07: We're working on adding Liberty Reserve and Solid Trust Pay For Payments and Withdrawals. We will also be changing the way upgrades work. After months of feedback it's obvious a lot of people do not like subscriptions for upgrades. We will be making Upgrades one month upgrades and you will be able to upgrade via the processor of your choice at that time.

2012-04-06: Paypal Payments, upgrades and Withdrawals are temporarily suspended. We apologize for this but have no control over the issue. We hope to have the issue resolved within 7 business days. Please note, this does NOT affect your upgraded subscriptions, they are and will work correctly.

2012-04-06: Live Chat will be available from time to time throughout the day, we currently do not have a specific timeframe but we have added live chat for Upgraded members.

2012-04-04: You can now change your login email address by clicking "Account Settings" Then click Change Password/Pin/Email

2012-04-03: We are working on Share availability. As you are aware shares are limited, this causes issues when they are only available certain times of the day and not completely fair to users who are not on when they are available.

2012-04-03: If you've made a deposit in the last 3 days and the funds have not appeared we are nearly complete adding these. We apologize for this error and the delay in adding these funds. We've fixed the issue that caused it in the first place. If the funds have not been added to your purchase balance by 5PM EST (17:00 server time) please submit a new support ticket with "PURCHASE FUNDS" as the subject and be sure to include the email address you used to add the funds (preferrably in a copy/paste and not a screenshot). We ask that you be as patient as possible and do NOT submit tickets for these funds until the specified time above.

2012-04-03: 我們已經快要處理完之前三天應存入卻未出現的資金,對於這次延遲進來的資金我們深表歉意。我們會第一優先處理這些問題。如果這些資金還沒有在伺服器時間下午17:00以前加入,請立刻聯絡客服並填寫申請單,注意在申請單上的主題要填寫"PURCHASE FUNDS"而且要寫下你投入資金的E-mail帳號

2012-03-26: At 5PM EST today there will be approximately 30 minutes of downtime for an Important Network Upgrade. During this time no services will be available. We apologize for the very short notice but in order to increase our ad serving reach this needs to be done. Currently some users are not getting all of the ad inventory we have due to the current setup.


2012.3.25 有不少用戶反應軟體不會自動跳出廣告,根據多位好心的版友的心得,先暫時使用舊版MBC廣告軟體便會正常跳出廣告。


 2012-03-25: This is a followup message for people who were affected by the account balance issue. On the 19th the reporting server that reports earnings became out of sync with the main DB server. This means if you transfered money, or received a payment between approx 11AM EST on 2012-03-19 and 2012-03-24 the server that is used to show reports may have been showing money in your balance as NOT paid/transfered, when it actually was. Obviously this is an issue for some people and some people think we just took the money. This is NOT the case and we will be adding some more reports under account settings so you can see your total withdrawn/deposited/transfered etc so you can see that we have NOT removed any funds.

2012-03-25: Please be patient as ad servering is still limited until the network issues are resolved.

2012-03-24: Several users are reporting strange account balances and incorrect balances shown when trying to transfer funds. This is an issue with the secondary reports server not correctly updating paid and transfered funds. If you notice a reduction in account balance, this is the reason (the main DB servers are reporting the correct numbers but the secondary ones that run reports are returning earnings including transfered/paid in account balances). This should be fixed shortly.



有不少的用戶回報了帳戶金額錯誤(Account Balance)及將錢轉到PB(Purchase Balance)時沒有入帳的問題,那是因為次要伺服器出問題(主要伺服器與次要伺服器回報的金額不同),這些問題應該會在短期內修復(希望啦)。



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